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Our motto in designing this web site has been: KISS, or "keep it simple, stupid." You won't find a scattered clutter of objects screaming for your attention, gimmicks or any cutesy design tricks (e.g. blue type on a black background). Our one attempt at "cute" - our slogan: vARieTy is the spice of life, which we believe is very true!

We've opted not to have animations (they take time to load & play out) but have opted for a type face (mostly 12-point Verdana) that should be easy to read. Your display settings may negate some of our efforts - but at least we've tried!

One thing you will not find are pop-up ads generated by this site. Again, some of these pests might bug you while you're visiting us, but be assured we are not causing them.





Welcome to the
Capulin Art

Capulin Art Studio invites you to browse through our collection of striking digital art and art photos from a veteran photographer and digital artist. Soon we expect to add  even more variety with a display of oils and pastels from a Southern California  artist who has won more than 16 awards in the past 2-1/2 years. We also plan to  feature additional artists: sculptors, art potters, photographers & painters who work in different media. All are members of the Capulin Art Coalition, which sponsors this online gallery.

Please feel free to contact us via email or telephone to place orders, request information, or simply let us know what you think of our site - and the art presented in our galleries.

Meet Ken Fermoyle,
Current Featured Artist

Ken Fermoyle�s career as a writer and photojournalist spans more than 50 years. He peddled magazines to earn his first camera at age 11, sold his first photo essay, about sports car racing on a frozen Michigan lake, to the Detroit News Sunday Roto Section in 1952. Since then he has contributed articles (some 2,600 published to date) and photographs to publications ranging from Popular Science, Playboy & PC World to McCalls, MacWeek & Motor Life. (See samples of Ken's recent photos at right, below and on Ken's Photo Gallery.)

Ken began using computers in 1980, was a pioneer in desktop publishing soon after. His first attempts at computer graphics ( were limited by the tools available then, but he developed his art as software and hardware improved. He often combines his photography and computer graphics talents to produce art he calls "organic abstracts," photos of objects in natural settings that are manipulated into entirely new images. Such abstracts retain the colors and some of the textures of the originals. One of his earliest organic abstracts, Chaos began life as a lovely photo of a serene beach in Maui. To view Chaos and more of his fanciful creations, see Ken's Digital Art Gallery.

Some of his photo/graphics creations are more surreal, others are only mildly altered, more playful. His work currently is in the homes of collectors from Seattle to Northern California, the Central Coast and Southern California

Using a mix of film cameras that have seen service everywhere from Indy 500 races to parks across the U.S. and digital models, Ken continues to pursue his decades-long passion for photography. And he still wins awards for his work. Just this year, he has earned three top awards and three honorable mentions in three Photographic Society of America camera club competitions during 2005.

Fish tank filter - Shot at Morro Bay, May 2005
Absolutely stunning at 16x20" print size - Price: $350 matted,
signed & numbered on mat in very limited 16x20" edition (15).

Ken is a member of the Capulin Art Coalition, Morro Bay Art Association (Caliornia Central Coast), Topanga Canyon Gallery, Westlake Village Art Guild, San Fernando Camera Club (all three in Southern California) and American Photojournalists. He can be reached at (818) 346-9384 or via email:

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Kokopelli in Concert is one of a series of  6 digital abstracts featuring the Navajo Flute Player after a 2006 trip to Taos & Santa Fe. Blowin' in the Wind (below) was second in the series.




Sentinel Gull; taken by Ken at Morro  Bay, CA, in May 2005.
Matted, signed & numbered (on mat)
12x18" limited edition
(15) print, $250